Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Class Schedule for May 24th through August 30th 2017

Classes begin at 7:00 p.m.

Teacher:            Pastor Joe Helm  

Class Title:         Free at Last: Rising Above the Financial Cares of this World

Class Description: Subjects will include: Biblical understanding of money and possessions, escaping the debt trap, basic banking and investing, retirement planning, housing (buy or rent), insurance, taxes, estate planning, and honoring God with our giving.

Location:            Room – Auditorium             

Time:                  7:00-8:00 PM


Teacher:            Kandy Knapp [For Women Only]

Class Title:         Called to Conquer

Class Description: The fight is spiritual; the weapons are supernatural. This women's guide to spiritual victory, written by Dorothy Davis, will help you identify the enemies you face and the tools God has provided for the fight. As women of God, we have been called to conquer.

Location:            Room 9        

Time:                  7:00-8:00 PM


Teachers:           Pastor Ken Keltner & Pastor Greg Huffman

Class Title:          Parables of Christ and Our Lives

Class Description: Some of the deepest and most impressive teachings of Jesus were taught in the parables. Only those who really wanted to understand the life of a believer asked Jesus to explain them. We will learn how to study the parables of Jesus, seeking the main truth and asking God for wisdom to apply them to our lives today.

Location:            Room 7             

Time:                   7:00-8:00pm


Teachers:           Pastor Keith Fleming and Marc Suderman

Class Title:          College Students

Class Description: Join Pastor Keith and Marc as we study the Bible and discuss the truths found in God's Word.

Location:            Room 10           

Time:                   7:00-8:00pm


Teacher:             Joaquin Pena

Class Description: Spanish Bible Study

Location:               Room 5             

Time:                     7:00-8:00pm