Consider giving a winter gift to help support The Word for Life Ministry.  For donations of $100 or more we will send you a gift of your choice from the following items.

  1. God's Glory in Clay Pots
    Dr. Les Ollila and Pastor Sam Horn partnered together to publish this helpful book answering some of life's most vexing questions regarding the purpose of suffering in our lives. It comes uniquely packaged together as a published version and an MP3 audiobook. (MP3 CD enclosed with book.)

  2. New Psalms CD
    Each song in this CD, Psalms: God’s Refreshing Oasis, draws its message from a very specific psalm. The Scriptures often use the metaphor of thirsty pilgrims searching for cool water to explain our need for God. As a river originates from a constantly renewing spring, so the Psalms are sourced in who God is and provide an eternal, divine place of refreshment for us. These thirteen psalms become places of prayer, clarity and beauty for us as our spiritual thirst is satisfied with God’s Word.

  3. Note Cards
    We have put together a baker's dozen (13) of the picture covers, past and present, of Truth Talk magazine as greeting cards with envelopes.

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