THE ENGAGEMENT PROJECT (from the producers of the Truth Project) The Engagement Project is a call to the body of Christ to awaken from its slumber and to begin to be the light and salt we were meant to be. Why did Jesus leave? Why does God send? What is God’s endgame for you and for me? The answers to these questions are not for the faint of heart, but we will wrestle with them together. And, with His blessing, it really will change everything.


Week 1: In a Land of Nought: A Remnant of Hope
What is God’s “Meta-Narrative” and where do we fit into it? This introductory tour is designed to help participants get a handle on this very basic question regarding the purpose of the Christian life.

Week 2: Creation: The Endgame
This tour takes us back to the very beginning – the epoch of Creation – where we start to gain a sense of our place in the broader sweep of the Meta-Narrative of God.

Week 3: Fall: The River of Death
The second epoch of history, that of the Fall, saw God’s original plan frustrated and turned back upon itself. At this stage of the game, a villain entered the picture with a counter-narrative, which introduced a new “default setting” into the fabric of creation.

Week 4: Redemption: The Heart of God
During this tour we get our first glimpse of the object of our Quest: the Crown jewel of the Divine Nature, which is love.

Week 5: Engagement: The Royal Task
In this tour we begin to take a serious look at the Question: What is God’s Endgame? The epoch of Engagement is the era in which we are given a job. The King’s messenger comes knocking at the door bearing orders from our Sovereign.

Week 6: The Vision: Engaging With Grace
This tour begins a three part focus on the practical aspects of the assignment Christ has given us as His Remnant of Hope in the Epoch of Engagement. In this first installment we’ll talk about what it means to fulfill our task with grace and sensitivity.

Week 7: The Vision: Engaging With Wisdom
The second part of our practical training as agents of the Royal Law focuses on the challenge of turning head-knowledge into heart-knowledge.

Week 8: The Vision: Engaging With Truth
The third part of our discussion of practical strategies reminds us that biblically speaking, Love and Truth are always inextricably intertwined. We cannot have one without the other.

Week 9: The Engagement: The Royal Sacrifice
We now return to the all important question of motivation. What is it that drives the Christian to move out into the world, engage the people of his/her Jerusalem, and seek the shalom of his neighbor?

Week 10: The Engagement: The Bank of Brothers
This last tour underscores the importance of Christian fellowship and camaraderie: not just the camaraderie of a conversation at a church service or function, but the deep interpersonal bonds that are formed with the context of a “shared task”.