Your decision to unite with Brookside Baptist Church is one of the most important steps in your Christian walk. We are thrilled that God has led you to take the step of membership. Below is an outline of the process.

Step #1 - Attend the “Membership Class” led by Pastor Ken and held at his home on a Saturday morning. This class will allow you to learn about the philosophy and beliefs of Brookside. The bulletin will list the start date for this class.

Step #2 - Read the Constitution and Bylaws of Brookside Baptist Church. It describes what we believe and how the church operates. If you have any questions, note them and bring them up in your meeting with the pastor.

Step #3 - Complete the membership paperwork and turn it in to the church office. The office will then contact you to schedule an appointment with a pastor and two deacons. They will listen to your testimony of salvation and ask you some questions regarding your desire to become a member. They will also be glad to answer any questions you have regarding the constitution or anything else connected with Brookside.

Step #4 - Based on the deacons’ recommendations, the congregation will vote to receive you as a member. This will normally take place at the end of an evening service.

We praise God that you are committing yourself to the ministry of Brookside Baptist Church. May it be the beginning of a great blessing in your life. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 262.783.6180 or email us.